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Wheelchair Bondage


The sight and the feeling of a chair bondage have always already fascinated me. It was obvious since I use an electrical wheelchair illness-relatedly to use this for bondage:)


The texts are in a BDSM—understand connection!


Safety equipment for the Permobile C 300 for an efficient wheelchair keeping!


Those of us who take seriously the special need of a person sitting in the wheelchair (= owner), this equipment is recommended to it urgently. Due to his already existing physical restrictions that one of the owners often brings carelessly, injuries accidents and emergencies aree prevented effectively. The equipment guarantees a healthy seat keeping at a free breathing.


C 300 Permobile was exactly adjusted to the body measurements of the owner and equipped with a head-rest and 2 thigh holders in this case.


Woolen sock gag to the head stabilization


A longer woolen sock (overknee) is knotted in the middle. This knot is pushed to the owner as a biting gag into the mouth. The ends of the woolen sock are knotted behind the head-rest.


A normal woolen sock also can alternatively be put directly into the affected mouth. A wool overknee then serves as a connection with the head-rest (also see care notes). Among others this prevents tilting forward of the body.


Instep belt to the upper arm fixation (SGOA)


Holds the upper arms narrowly to the sides of the back. Support the upright sitting position. The SGOA can be adjusted a little more loosely since the natural reaction of the owner will be moving forward of the arms anyway after laying out this belt which is, however, hardly possible.


Instep belts to the forearm demobilization


This instep belt is laid out on height of the carpus and shall be connected to some extent firmly with the armrest in order to limit the forearm mobilisation effectively.


Lashing strap for the hip fixation


The belt attached on height of the hip joint has the task of pushing the owner into the seat of the wheelchair always cleanly. A distance between buttocks and back is prevented.


Lashing straps for the leg low attitude


Depressing of the legs is essential for a safe detaing of the owner at the wheelchair and therefore always should twice be stretched. The greatest possible restriction is achieved in combination with the thigh holders and a wedge (e.g. woolen scarve, sock etc. ), which is stuck between the owners thighs.


Lashing straps for the feet bondage (SGF)


C300 permobile is equipped with a vertical footbridge holding the foot deposits. This footbridge is ideal for binding the feet (together). There is the possibility in addition (only in the starting position!) stretching another belt between the tie-down hooks (represented graily) and hindering stretching the leg so in addition.


Straps for the foot positioning


To place the soles of the foot of the owner on the foot rests properly, belts are stretched over the arches of the feet and under the rests. The countermove appearing through this in the SGF is absolutely wanted.


Care notes


The owner has to be equipped with suitable woolen clothes at the complete body (woolen hats, balaclavas, turtleneck sweaters, wool mittens, knitted pants, woolen stockings and woolen socks) to avoid around injuries (sore seats, rub, strangulations etc. ).