Abgerundetes Rechteck: About me

Born: 1972
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 65 kg
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: gay
Living in notified partnership
Location: Styria / Austria


As with many others, the roots of my wool fetish are in childhood. It all began with thick wool socks that I had to wear while hiking and skiing. Since I got cold feet quickly by nature, it seemed to my mother obvious to give me thick woolen socks. Well, I can remember the sweaty socks, which could strip only with difficulty and gave off a strong odor.


And then there were the woolen caps in part knitted by relatives who slipped while wearing the head down and began to itch terribly, caused by the mixing of wool and sweat. But alas, I pulled the cap off his head - Put on your cap, you're going to catch a cold yet!


Quickly I realized that wool socks and wool caps meant more to me than mere clothing: Wearing excited me in a mysterious way. Soon I added wool sweaters and I also played with the woolens and had my first wet experiences with them. It gave me great pleasure using my pieces of wool in a "different way": The sweater mutated to leggings, the wool cap pulled down over the face and socks folded over once to the "Tunnel of Lust".


I was fascinated by the feeling of restraint when I pulled wool socks taut over my hands and enjoyed the sight of my forearms mutated to wool phalluses. First self bondage plays with belts, which conveniently had a clamp lock, followed.


The collecting passion awakened
I slowly grew out of the woolens and wool socks were full of holes. And so I had to look for a replacement and found items in second-hand shops and the Lost And Found-shop of the Austrian Federal Railways. The idea that a guy had already worn the balaclava, made me horny in addition.


To me get hold the most fetishized socks - these are the thick graying Schladminger Walk Socks - was more difficult. Only when the Internet became more popular, you could find the manufacturer of woolen goods easier. Slowly, the shops for wool fetish established themselves. My first custom turtleneck sweater made of black and white two-ply thick scratchy wool I ordered from Lucky's. He is still one of my favorite pieces.


Internet and digital cameras
The Internet provided me also great educational work in wool fetish stuff. I met at wollforum.de or woolfreaks.de other "woolies", who where, like me, caught by the virus wool. There was an extensive collection of images, which opened my eyes. Inspired by such an original image I remember how I stood with my heart pounding infront of the mirror stuffing for the first time one neatly rolled up wool sock in my mouth.


Gradually, woolly parts appeared on the auction portals and my fetish passion for collecting was in full swing. A separate locker was cleared, to accommodate the number of sorted woolen garments. In this period happened also the outing against my longtime friend, which ended happily totally positive. Although he has nothing to do with wool, but he accepted and uses my wool fetish in a fantastic way.


Types of wool fetish items
I began look aroundon new types of wool. As a result, I can say that the sheep's wool is still in first place, followed closely by the Icelandic Lopi wool. I like mohair wool only in mixtures with wool.


My collection consists mainly of turtleneck sweaters, troyer, mohair- and lopitrosers, wool socks, Walk socks , Walk caps, woolly hats, balaclavas, , gloves, mittens, wool pants, a wool catsuit and a sleeping bag. The gallery gives a good overview . Interestingly, I've never fetishized knitted vests.


Today I wear almost constantly thick Walk socks, and in all situations. Even in summer, and I also like to sleep with them. Outside, I'm happy in the turtleneck sweater with a thick wool cap. At home, there are sometimes intensifications, either by supplementing with a mohair- or lopitrousers or duplicating layers of wool. From friends I've got Walk socks, which they have worn for weeks for me. So I enjoy the wonderfully masculine aroma, which settles with time in the socks.


The year 2008 represents for me a big turning point, because there make the first time for me a as it turned out to be incurable fatal nerve disease , that leads with major physical limitations to a complete body paralysis in the terminal phase. This was also a motive for this site here to give something back to the wool community. May this website - spared from server failures and hacker attacks - long stay connected!


With the support of my friend I try to live out my wool fetish as often as possible. Currently I run an exciting project: I want to be tied to my wheelchair, wrapped in thick wool, of course;-)

Interesting that in the childhood unpleasant experiences, then later increased to the fetish are being re-enacted in a sort of love-hate relationship.

That's my woolly warm life!



August 2011

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