Fulling is an ancient and simple method. The wool drapery is fulled by creating pressure in warm water (30-40°C, 86-104°F) causing friction.

This friction makes the wool felted. Garments shrink by 40%, leaving the material more compact. Afterwards garments are washed in natural soap-suds.


This processing step brings about several advantages. Fulled garment is almost windproof and much more compact. Loden is because of its natural oil Lanolin impregnated.


The technique of fulling is still practiced traditionally in Ennstal/Austria, especially in the area around Schladming in Styria, but also in neighboring Salzburg and Tyrol. Well-known companies are the companies Gerhardter (former), Huber and Steiner.

Besides Walk socks, so-called Walkjanker (jackets), Walk hats and Walk mittens are made​​.



Abgerundetes Rechteck: WALK SOCKS


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